A This and That Update AND an Introduction

You know you have a lot on your mind when you get out of the shower and can’t remember if you shaved or not. Thankfully for me my subconscience was at work and both legs are silky smooth, but it could have easily gone the other way! There has been so much going on lately and it’s finally time I told you what. Before getting to the exciting stuff I first want to give a quick explanation for my lack of writing the last several weeks. As I mentioned a couple months back I started a new job. Everything is still going well there but we’ve been under staffed which means overtime! I haven’t had the opportunity to work OT for…..never so I have been taking advantage with it. For me that looks like going to work for 8 hours and then coming home to log back in and work a couple/few more hours from home. Needless to say, I have been too brain-numbed to blog. And then there is the other stuff…

The other stuff:

1. Dog sitting. 3 weeks ago we had the priviledge of dog sitting the BEST dog on the planet! Seriously. He is so well behaved and calm, yet playful at the right times. AND I wasn’t allergic to him. He’s a Golden-Doodle, with the size of a Golden Retriever and the dander (or lack there of) of a Poodle. Usually the only dogs I’m not allergic to are the small yippy ones that I’d rather not have. B and I didn’t want to give him back to his parents! We just found out that he has sibling puppies and I WANT ONE! Alas, the finances aren’t going to allow for it this time, but soon. If anyone would like to donate…hehe.

Isn't he the cutest?!

Isn’t he the cutest?!

2. House repairing and cleaning. (I should have made this number 1 since it’s the most boring. This may be a good time to get a snack and get back in time for number 2.) We FINALLY cleaned out the garage and did some minor home repairs. I am happy to report I now have a door bell that won’t cut a finger trying to push it and a door knob on the laundry room door all thanks to B!

3. Brother where art thou? Oh, here you are! My little brother, J, came for a visit! It’s been probably about a year since the last time he visited so it was an over due treat. We got to spend a weekend with him and his girlfriend, whom I was meeting for the first time. All I have to say is any grown woman who gets under the dinning room table with me to avoid the nerf artillary flying above our heads from the raging battle between J and B as if it were an everyday occurance is ALL RIGHT in my book.

4. Party like it’s my birthday…cause it was! July 1st actually. It was also the last year I turned 30 something. AHHH! B’s birthday is coming up in August and it’s his first year turning 30 something. We ONLY have one year in the same decade! To celebrate we went away to a great little B&B in Banner Elk, NC for a weekend of R&R. It was PERFECT!

Now for the even more fun part!

5. INTRODUCING WRINKLED BLANKET MEDIA! EEEEeeee! This is the most exciting news for B and I! We have been working diligently at starting a business together and it is finally official (I mean, DUH, we have a FaceBook page). We are Wrinkled Blanket Media and it all started with our friends L & V who so graciously allowed us to shoot their wedding (under a strict stipulation that we also had to have fun as their guests). I think we accomplished both quite nicely. You can see our work on FB or Vimeo and judge for yourself. If you like what you see please click the “Like” button.

Well, there you have it. It’s been a whirl wind of a few weeks and the coming weeks promise much of the same. I will try to be more diligent in making time to write but at this point I make no promises. If you have a story you’d like to share please it to me at unforgettablyordinary@gmail.com.


Mom To The Rescue!

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since my last post!! Really I thought it was only 2 and that was bad enough, but 3?! I should be ashamed! And I am. While I have my reasons for the hiatus (as usual) I’ve decided to wait another week to share them with you. Don’t worry, its all good, in fact some of it is super EXCITING!! (EEEE!) In the mean time, I leave you in the very capable hands (and feet?) of MOM who has a refreshingly comical way of looking at potentially disappointing occurrences. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

For Sale: Medieval Torture Devices

A few days ago, I did something completely out of character for me. In my older age, I love comfort. Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than a pair of worn flip-flops. Why else would we live in Florida?

We have an EVENT coming up this weekend, which requires something a little more sophisticated than flip-flops; so, I went shopping for some sensible but somewhat attractive shoes. That’s when they caught my eye – the cutest pair of high-heeled sandals — and in MY size. I’m not too old to look tall and elegant, am I? Shakily, I tried them on. They were very good-looking on my pedicured feet. I felt a little pinch on the little toes, but nothing a bandaid or two won’t cure. With glee and a little guilt, I purchased my new high-heeled shoes.

The event is in a few days, so I donned my new shoes to break them in. After six seconds, I put bandaids on my pinkie toes. Ten seconds later, I slapped bandaids on the instep; a few steps later, bandaids on the heels. Now I have mummy feet dressed in cute little shoes. No problem. They just need to be worn awhile to stretch out.

I have no fear of heights. I have stood toe to glass in some of the world’s tallest buildings and looked straight down. I have flown in gliders, small planes, and helicopters. Nothing made me as dizzy as elevating my heels three inches. I walked into the kitchen, hanging on to the walls, with tiny steps and dizzy head. I felt motion sickness coming on, and reached for the Dramamine. By now, I was more determined than ever to BREAK these shoes in and get used to them.

Have you ever done laundry in high heels? Do you know that when you bend down from the added height, you have a lot farther to bend than normal? I held on to the dryer to keep from toppling over. I pulled laundry into the basket one-handed, dizzy-headed, and noticing a slight pain in the Achilles tendons of both legs.

When I straightened up, I saw that my hot-pink-tipped, pedicured toes were dead white. You’d think if they were dead, there would be no feeling. Oh, no! Each mincing step shot lightning bolts of pain into my poor, zombie toes. The pad of my foot spoke LOUDLY in protest. I ignored their accusatory complaints because I am determined to BREAK IN these blankety-blank cute little shoes!

From the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room – I straightened the house, did laundry, fixed breakfast, washed dishes, and finally – FINALLY – sat down at the computer for a much longer stay than I had planned. If I sit through the entire event we’re going to, I should be able to show off my cute little shoes with minimal anguish. Right?

Do you know that as your feet swell, the straps of fancy little sandals do NOT stretch to accommodate the swelling? Now I have FAT dead-looking feet sticking out of these cute little shoes.

I no longer want to break the shoes in before the event. I simply want to BREAK them. Take them off! Soak fat feet in a cold bath! Rip the bandages off and wait for relief, and wriggle my newly freed toes in comfy flip-flops.

Seriously, does anyone want to buy a barely-worn pair of medieval torture devices with cute little restraining straps and three-inch spikes? Size 7 ½ wide, they should fit just fine. Bwaahaaahaaahaaaahaaaaaa.