Goodbye Twenty-Twelve!

I know I promised I wouldn’t go this long without writing again. That promise was made to myself as much as it was to anyone who reads my blog and I absolutely hate going back on my word. Writing regularly is not only an outlet for my creative energy, but I’m under the hopefully not disillusioned impression that the more I write the more improved my writing abilities get. With that said the strongest driving force behind my writing is my desire to potentially help others by sharing my experiences. I know for myself personally it was an encouragement when I was told that everything would work out and I was going to be okay. Hearing stories of others’ overcoming adversity instilled a deep hope that no matter what happened I was going to make it.

Here’s what’s kept me away: In the last several weeks I have spent any time I would normally spend on writing on frantically buying Christmas gifts for my boys (including Tall Blonde, or B – whichever you prefer) while trying to maintain a budget; attending an Ugly Sweater Christmas party that ended up being a baby-to-be Gender Reveal party (they’re having a boy!); Planning and celebrating a wonderful Christmas day with my family; packing the boys up for their dads and myself up for a fun packed weekend in NY with B’s family; spending a lot of time on the couch due to a ugly cold/flu thing I picked up along the way…TWICE! Oh, did I mention I also worked two jobs during all this (one of which is a new job)? While I am not trying to make excuses, I want to assure you that it is unlikely a series of events such as these will occur again anytime soon and therefore I should be able to keep up my regular writing schedule.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come in 2013: More guest blogs, Ugly Duckling features and a monthly post from Tall Blonde himself! I hope you will follow along in the journey!


Time To Roast The…Duckling?

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of this, my next to favorite holiday, I thought I’d do something a little different. I am thankfully not in charge of roasting the turkey this year so instead I decided to roast myself! What better way to celebrate a day that gives us a reason to spend time with our families and eat ourselves sick? Enjoy!

Definition of the Ugly Ducking Syndrome: When a person who used to be somewhat awkward and not attractive, though not necessarily unattractive, becomes extremely beautiful.

When I fist heard of the Ugly Duckling Syndrome I was in Junior High, probably around 8th grade. It was one of those things that stuck with me because it gave me great hope for my future. I wouldn’t say I was an ugly child, but I did seem to hit an awkward stage much younger than most that lasted well into my early teens. When I was in 4th grade I already had hairier legs than most 17 year old boys. And worse was how dark the hair was. I truly believe the only “Cuban” features I got from my dad were the dark body hair and the huge buttocks that I can still list as one of my assets. (Sorry I couldn’t resist). It was a memorable day when my mom taught me how to shave. I felt like a teenager! It was wonderful…until I realized I had to shave often to keep the hairless look. UGH!

The glasses I had to wear didn’t help either. I’ve had issues with my eyes since infancy so there was no getting around the glasses. But why oh why did I have to always have the glasses too big for my face and with the tint on them that gets darker in the sun. One or the other I could have lived with but BOTH?! Come on! Oh and did I mention my mom cut my hair herself? There are only so many words to describe what the eye can behold itself. So here is my very embarrassing “Awkwardness Timeline” (I can’t believe I’m doing this):

So there you have it. I share this to give hope to any young person that may be going through an awkward stage. It does get better, and if it doesn’t then don’t worry, awkwardness is “in” these days so go with it. In all honesty, if you are yourself and not worried about impressing other people than you are already ahead of the game. For some of us it takes longer to get. Stop dwelling on your negatives and focus on enhancing your positives. You are amazing just the way you are.

Editor’s note: I would LOVE to feature an Ugly Duckling transformation at least once a month. If there is anyone out there brave enough to submit their transformation from Duckling to Swan please do so to If you would prefer it to be a wordless post that would work as well, but I am always interested in hearing your story. Have a Fantastic Thanksgiving! Oh and here’s something for your listening entertainment…