Boxed Up

For an Ordinary Woman such as myself, some of the most difficult steps to take are the ones that take you outside of the comfortable box you’ve securely built for yourself. In my experience the comfort is in knowing I am okay at something and by remaining okay at it I’m safe.  But to push myself to be better brings on the unwanted stress of “What if I can’t be better? What if I FAIL?” and let’s not forget “There are so many others that are amazing, I’ll never be like them.” Well, this post is the first step out of my box. I hope it is the first of many because I know there is something in me that is more than ordinary, in fact it’s extraordinary, and it’s been trapped for far too long. And this doesn’t just pertain to me but to anyone who hasn’t yet found the thing they were meant to do. Or maybe they have and either missed it or just haven’t ventured out of their comfort zone yet. I believe I’m guilty of both, but there is a time for everything and I don’t think I would have been up for the challenge at any time in my life before now.


One thought on “Boxed Up

  1. I’ve found that as you step out of your comfort zone, it just stretches to fit. It might be uncomfortable at first, but the extra space you’ve made is waiting to be filled until it becomes as comfortable as where you were before. The difference is, you’ve made a more spacious, more fulfilled life by venturing out, and the more you do it, the more you’re willing to experience. It’s how you begin to understand what abundant life and extravagant love really mean. I love reading about your discoveries, adventures and mishaps. You are, and always have been, anything but ordinary.

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