This Diet Works! (as long as you don’t get too happy)

There is a diet out there that works. I know because it worked for me. Without adding anything to my daily regimen of NOT exercising I dropped 20 pounds! And this didn’t just happen once but twice. I call it the Separation Diet. All you have to do to achieve this dieting phenomenon is experience the loss of a spouse or significant other in the form of an emotional or physical separation. That’s all folks! All this could be yours for the very low price of a broken heart, shattered dreams and a dismal outlook on your future. So who wants to sign up?

Haha. All joking aside, this is an actual observation I’ve made and I’m sure it’s been scientifically proven at some point. If not it definitely should be. When I was going through my separation/divorce, I noticed a handful of others going through a similar situation also losing a ton of weight quickly. Some looked better than they ever did before and some looked like the walking dead (I specifically make that reference because I hear B watching The Walking Dead downstairs. Always a pleasant mood enhancing soundtrack…if you want to eat some brains or shoot some zombies in the head! Or maybe write a blog?).

Rabbit trail:  Has anyone else noticed that when you are going through a particular something you all of a sudden know so many people going through the same thing? Whether it be marriage, pregnancy, divorce… it’s as if your awareness is heightened to others of likeness. Sort of like when you buy a car and all of a sudden you see the same car everywhere! Okay, ending the rabbit trail now.

I received many compliments when I was losing the weight. My favorite was from my then sister-in-law (case in point to my earlier rabbit trail: we are no longer technically related due to her own divorce). She told me I looked like I had peace, that I smiled more and just looked like I felt lighter. I replied that it was probably because I no longer had to worry about not meeting my husband’s standards which were impossible to achieve anyway. It was seriously a HUGE weight lifted. I was able to be myself…finally.

So everything is great now, right? I survived the heart-wrenching failure of my marriage, I radiate peace and lightness, I’ve met the love of my life and I loss a lot of weight!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately there’s a flip side to the Separation Diet and that is Happiness Weight. Beware! It just seems to creep up on you when you’re busy living your happy life!

It’s true. Since I’ve met B I’ve gained 10 pounds back…eeek! B has also gained some weight back although I still think he looks like the Tall Blonde I fell in love with. B and my moms will say I still look beautiful and I believe they mean it biased or not. BUT I can definitely feel the difference and I DON’T LIKE IT! As in every facet of life there is still hope. Since the Separation Diet is no longer an option (AHEM, B) I guess I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Eating well and exercising! WHY OH WHY?!!! I think I’ll start next week. 😉