A Comment on Comments

I don’t usually post on Mondays but I have a special treat for you today…a guest blogger!! I haven’t had a guest blogger on for a while and this guest is super special because she gave birth to me. My mom has been commenting on my blog since I started it, so I love that the first post from her is all about…you guessed it….comments! Without further ado welcome my mom.

A Comment on Comments

I have a house full of character. Dyana calls it clutter. It consists of shelves filled with photos of and gifts from people we love most in the world. That includes our children — loosely defined by their kinship through blood, marriage, past marriages or not so married — and our grandchildren — those who belong in some capacity to that hodgepodge.

They are characters, without a doubt. They are also talented, intelligent, beautiful, spirited and fun.

I’m a published writer. By that, I mean I’ve written a few articles for a small hometown newspaper. They were good articles, and fulfilled my lifelong dream of writing something that someone else would read.

One of my fans (I can count them among the photos on the shelves) kindly mentioned that I should start blogging. I thought it was a dance move, related to clogging, and forgot about it. That is, until my daughter started her own blog.

Dyana’s writing style and content are honest, thoughtful, and insightful. She has a conversational style that’s easy to read and relate to. She thinks I’m biased, and I’ll admit my comments are colored by love. If she needed a recommendation letter, I’d joyfully endorse her because I firmly believe she’s the best choice for any job she’s interested in.

In spite of my bias, her writing speaks for itself, and she has done something every mom dreams of. She has openly asked for my comments! It’s a deal a mom cannot pass up. How many of you mothers or fathers can say their child ASKS for their opinion? Okay, so there’s no “Mom” attached to “leave your comments”, but the temptation is irresistible.

Commenting on a blog can open a door for communication and hone writing skills. It can encourage, edify, and even spark ideas for creative writing. Good writing often evokes an emotional response and entertains us. Our comments can reflect that back to the writer.

A comment or critique should be honest, well thought out and presented in a civilized, adult manner. Critiques are valuable to a writer when they include suggestions for improvement, but they’re no more than criticisms when they don’t.

Turnabout is fair play, as my Mom used to say. So, Dyana, I personally invite you to share your opinions with me. In love, of course.