Adding Color

Before we moved to our apartment I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Apartmenttherapy. I’m talking A LOT of time! Like obsessive amounts. It was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I didn’t know if I could pull off the design styles I liked, and while EVERYTHING looks easy on Pinterest I am well aware that they are not. But instead of doing what I normally do…assume I am incapable, I decided to try it. I was going to make this place a combination of ME and B because really it was going to be OUR first place together. Yes he moved into my house and it became our home, but this lease has BOTH our names on it. So I included him by bombarding him with picture after picture of design that I thought reflected us both. And he took it like a champ! He even helped me paint HIS furniture cause I thought it would look good. It doesn’t look bad either. I mean look at that bookcase! It used to be brown! And the graphic novels are B’s addition to our decor.

Bookcase After


As is the Taxi Driver poster which is obviously not mine.

Bookcase wall After


One of the design elements we are both super excited about is our gallery wall. It’s a culmination of our favorite band and other art work (yes there is some kid art in there, in fact it’s sprinkled throughout our home) with a touch of movie art.

Living Room Gallery After


We wanted to add color to our home without painting, because that would mean painting again before moving and from experience the last thing anyone wants to do when moving is paint a place you won’t be living in anymore. The gallery wall was our solution.

It’s been a fun challenge bringing two different tastes together and blending them to create the right balance, making a home for us that we want to come home to. Oh and I have so many more ideas! Just you wait!