The Unexpected Visitor

This is a high traffic week for Unforgettably Ordinary! First a special guest blog post from my mom and now this little diddy (or is it ditty?). I actually wrote this last week, the same day of the adventure, but as they say, all good things come to those who wait. Enjoy!

This morning I woke up as I do every morning to see the twins off to school. As they were leaving one of the neighbor kids came up on my porch because it was drizzling and he was cold. He asked to stay there until the bus came. Compassion got the best of me and instead of getting in the shower as I would normally do I looked around for a sweatshirt I could offer him. When I offered it to him he politely declined and I closed the door and proceeded to return to my regular schedule.

Half way up the stairs I hear a frantic knocking on the door. This same kids rushes past me as soon as I open it. He looks…frightened! I look out and one of my sons is walking up to the door followed by a mangy looking dog. At that same moment the bus pulls up to the corner. My son turns to run back to the bus stop. I tell the neighbor kid that he has to go now to get the bus. He’s not budging. He only says, “I’m sensitive to dogs!” The dog is standing at the bottom of the stairs to the porch physically blocking this kid from leaving my house. What was I to do?

I grabbed a hold of the dog’s collar so the boy would make it to the bus, which had already started pulling off. While I love dogs I am allergic to most of them so I am that person who stands back and watches others play with the cute furry creatures. But that compassion took hold again and instead of letting the dog go I asked her to come into my house and escorted her to my sunroom. I got her some water and finally got into the shower, all the while wondering what the heck I was going to do with her.

image image-1

My first attempt at finding her owners was a flop. Apparently you need more than a Rabies tag number. The next option was to call the shelter, but they didn’t open until 12pm! All this time B is still asleep. I usually wake him up as I am leaving. I woke him up a little earlier to tell him the news, “Honey, you will have some company today.” He practically jumped out of bed. (He’s been talking about getting a dog and this was just too exciting.) I left her in his capable hands and headed to work.

I kept thinking about her all day. B kept me updated on his findings. The shelter said they were coming to get her. Does that mean that they are taking her to her owners? I don’t know, let me call them back. No, they are going to take her to the shelter. I told them to hold off. What should I do next? Try posting a lost dog ad on with pictures. I’ll do that. The computer is not allowing me to set up an account.

Meanwhile I had called a neighbor to borrow dog food and a leash. B took her for a walk and she bit right through the leash! I came home, successfully posted the ad on, bought a new leash, and took her for a walk during which she bit through that one too! (I am going to have to buy one more to give back to my neighbor..sheesh!) We made it back from the walk with the dog still with us regardless of the fact she was leash-less. I checked my inbox…nothing. Two minutes later there was a message, “You found my dog!” Before I could even call the woman back she and her husband were in the car headed in my direction. It was a happy reunion for all. The boys and I discovered that her name is Clemmie and she lives 2 blocks away. There was just one more thing that needed to be done. I had to tell B!

B had left by this point to record his podcast. I got him on the phone before he arrived and explained everything to him. He was quiet. When I asked if he was okay he said he was glad I told him before he came home tonight to her being gone. I detected a little sadness in his voice. It’s funny how attached we can get to an animal after spending a day with them. For this one day we had a pet and a ton of excitement. Don’t worry B, I see a dog in your future. Oh and by the way, can you fix the screen Clemmie pushed out of the window today? Thanks.


One thought on “The Unexpected Visitor

  1. oh, my heart. I can’t tell you how many of our dogs ended up with us because of that compassion. Remember Prince? Black dog playing with a box in the middle of the street on your way to school? I picked him up on the way home, bathed him THREE times, twice in degreaser, and he turned out to be pure WHITE. No one claimed him, and he spent years with us, trying his best to become the blackest, smelliest dog in the world. He loved to escape out any open door, roll in grease under cars, anything dead in the woods, and Lord knows what else. He had a bath EVERY day. But….we loved him! I see a dog in your future, too. Who can resist that puppy dog stare?

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