A Virtual Spring Cleaning

As promised I did some thinking concerning my blog this past week. I first want to thank all of you who left such encouraging comments. Your kind words have kept me motivated and I’m honored that you read the words that tumble out of my mind unto my electronic page. This period of re-evaluation has been coming for a while now. It happens to me in most areas of my life from time to time. I feel this build up of pressure that at first is unidentifiable, as in I don’t know what the pressure is targeted at. All I know is that something is going to come to a head and/or a change is about to take place. As the pressure intensifies it makes its target clear. I can’t stop thinking about the identified subject, at first feeling hopeless that anything can make it better, which then moves into determination to “fix it” and finally frustration that I don’t know how to fix it. That’s when it POPS! And not unlike a pimple, once the messiness of it is out in the open (whether that be publicly on my blog or crying to B in private as he assures me it’s going to be ok) the problem can start to heal/mend/correct itself….etc. My mind clears and I can see the solution or a few solutions.

So what solutions have I come up with for my Unforgettably Ordinary?

Phase 1: Get organized
Getting organized is possibly the most powerful tool in my tool box. It allows me take all the pieces apart, lay them out for me to consider and then put back together in a way that makes sense to me. I may not ever have to actually change anything, I just may need to reorganize what I already have. That is the case with UO. I was feeling like my grasp on it was slipping and my vision wasn’t clear anymore. After literally outlining what I already have (B and I sat down and wrote out an outline not unlike those I used for school projects waaayyyyy back when I was still in school), it became clear that by categorizing my posts in a way that makes sense to me I have some consistency in my topics. What a relief! The only side affect?  I didn’t realize that when I went through all my uncategorized posts and put them into a category they re-posted! I had about twenty tweets and Facebook posts go out that day! If you are following me on either, I sincerely apologize for blowing up your pick of social media!

Example of my outline:

  • Parenting
  • Divorce
  • Self-discovery
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • B’s posts…(this was supposed to roll out a while ago, but life happens and since we love B we will patiently wait until he’s ready! RIGHT?)

Phase 2: New Look
I know you are all so focused on the content of my writing (haha), but if you look around you may notice I’ve changed the look of UO. Spring is the time for spring cleaning and redecorating! I was itching to change up the look and finally decided on a new Theme. If only redecorating my house was this easy. If I hint at painting a room or re-arranging the furniture I’m pretty sure I can hear the internal groaning in B’s head before he very sweetly says, “Sure. Let’s do it!” He’s the best! I may just have to be satisfied with this new look for the time being though. I hope you like it, but as always I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.

Phase 3: Keep plugging away
I received some really helpful hints and ideas to make things run a bit more smoothly regarding scheduling. From that advice I am taking away the following:

1. Keep an idea list that is continuously added to. Now that I have my categories this should be a bit easier. It may also help to keep them all in one place. At the moment I think I have ideas in any number of notebooks, on my kindle, on this computer and I’m sure various other places.

2. Start as many drafts as possible when I’m given the time to write. I don’t have to start and finish one blog at a time. I can have several ideas started at one time. Note to self: try to avoid the mistake I made the other day. Instead of clicking on “save draft” I clicked on “Publish” and had to quickly “Trash” the post. Since my posts automatically update to Twitter, I had to delete it there as well. Oh, but that’s not all! My Twitter automatically updates to my Facebook! You can imagine what came next. I was running all over the inter-webs trying to right my wrong. If I’m looking at the bright side I gave everyone a teaser to a future post…sure, I meant to do that!

3. Have a consistant day of the week to post. This will very likely be the hardest one for me to follow. I am going to aim for Wednesdays but no later than Thursdays. We’ll see how that works.

So there you have it. My plan for moving forward with Unforgettably Ordinary. If you have any feedback PLEASE leave it in the comments section. I really do love to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “A Virtual Spring Cleaning

  1. Thanks for the suggestions about how to get organized! If anybody needs them, I do! The same methods can be used for articles, short stories and novels. Now if only I can organize my office….. Regarding your new look, the comments section used to follow the post. Now I can’t find it, except in the email notification. And where are the pictures? I liked the enigmatic shot of your silhouette surrounded by that busy box of a room. And you and the family… The look doesn’t matter nearly as much as the content, and that’s always been really good. It’s like looking into your heart…and that’s always been really good, too.

    • Thank you. And just for you Mom I added the header pic back in :). Also there is a little talk bubble with a number in it to the right of the title. You can click on that to get to the comments. I hope these help to make the experience more enjoyable.

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