This And That

It’s late and I should be sleeping but I didn’t want a week to go without posting, so this will be a short one…a little of this and a little of that.

I was recently reminded of another silver lining that comes from divorce, at least from a single mom’s perspective…TAX RETURNS. My chin nearly hit the floor when I saw what I was getting back. I’m not talking cha-ching since there is always something that needs attention the minute there’s even a hint of extra cash, but I will be able to get that new dishwasher, thereby saving several of the towels that end up on the floor to sop up the mess the current one is making. And I can finally get some new tires on the car. Well maybe not NEW but at least lightly worn. Woo hoo! Shopping spree. Too bad I can’t use it on a new wardrobe or a vacation sans children. Maybe next year.

We had a wonderful visit this past weekend with my dad and MA (yay!). They surprised my boys in Target of all places. It was a set up of course, and there was an additional surprise of an early birthday present. While the boys played with their new toy, I had some quality time with MA. But as time will do, it flew by and before we knew it they had to return home. It was sad to say goodbye and reminded me of how much I miss them and the rest of my family. There is something to be said of living in close proximity to your loved ones. (Actually there are probably several things to be said on the topic, both pro and con…not going to touch that one at this hour.)

While I was sad that their visit had come to an end I still has something to look forward to. As a Christmas gift I bought B (and myself) tickets to see one of the bands we love Ra Ra Riot. Although the waiting from December to February was difficult, it was well worth it. They put on a great show with great energy. The opening band Pacific Air was also impressive. Now, anyone I’ve told about the concert has looked at me sideways because they haven’t heard of either. Please someone tell me they’ve not only heard of them, but agree with me that they are fantastic!

Exciting news: I just launched my business with Origami Owl selling Living Lockets. This is so out of character for me that I still can’t believe I’ve done it. For more information on these products and the business click here.You can also visit and like my Facebook page. I’m still learning so be patient with me.

A weird thing has been happening to me lately. Well, several weird things have been happening, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my crankiness and woes of motherhood so I’ll stick to my original thought since it’s actually about thinking. You know that inner monologue or voice you hear when you think about writing something? Lately, my inner voice has been saying ya’all a lot! For instance, I wanted to write “Check out my Facebook page Ya’all”. Why? I’ve never said ya’all in my life! Not out loud and not in my head. What is happening to me? Any ideas? (Feel free to leave them in the comments).

So, there you have it. My shorter than normal and extremely discombobulated (<- OMG I didn’t realize that was a real word) ramblings. Hope it wasn’t too A.D.D. Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “This And That

  1. you crack me up dyana!! so glad that “ya’ll”…lol…are doing well!! and glad you got the compensation you needed to take care of a few things =) family time is precious so what you had with your parents coming and surprising the boys is definitely precious!!

  2. LOL!! U R HILARIOUS!!!! I agree with the previous post on the “Ya’ll” thing its part of living in NC. Funny thing is I’ve never used it either n I just wrote Mikey’s teach an email today and there it was a “ya’ll” in my email!!! What the heck?!?!

  3. How’d I miss commenting on this? I love the Origami Owl pendant and necklace, Dyana. People notice it everywhere I go. It’s nice to have something that makes a statement about me. When Bill and I visit our Reliv friends and do a presentation, the sign-in sheet has a line for “Who invited you”. I always write “Ya’all!” I start speaking ‘Southern’ the minute we get into North Carolina. We love the warmth and big, generous hearts of the people there. So for me, ‘Ya’all’ has a sweet sound to it.

    • Better late than never, Mom! I’m glad that you had the chance to visit recently. It’s always a treat! BTW, does Florida count as “The South”? Just wonderin’. I love you. Ya’all come back real soon now.

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