Many times this week I’ve sat down to write and for one reason or another I haven’t been able. Whether it be the distracting siren call of Facebook (or more embarrassingly to admit the Bingo game on Facebook that I got sucked into), or the brain numbness that comes from being a mom of three with two jobs, or… countless other things, I have not gotten more than a few words written. Tonight however, I plan on changing that. (See? I’ve already got more than a few words written. Yay me!)

In my last post I wrote about a chance encounter that would later change my life. I promised I’d tell you more so naturally…

A few months after that day, I started spending Monday mornings in the same local coffee shop. My very progressive thinking and awesome boss allowed me to work from there since he wasn’t scheduled to go into the office until noon. So I used the uninterrupted time to look at the week ahead and plan. Not long into my Monday routine I started making acquaintances with a group of locals who gathered every morning to drink their coffee and shoot the breeze. I love the small town vibe you get from frequenting a place often and getting to know it’s regular patrons. Especially an establishment owned by a private business owner who is also a local. Needless to say I loved this place and Mondays were quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the week.

During my Monday visits to the coffee shop I again noticed the tall blonde and his friend “Red”. They would come in fairly regularly. They would get their coffee, chat with the Barista (they seemed to know them all) and leave.  I had a curiosity about them, but that was nothing unusual for me as I have a curiosity about most everyone. This went on for months. It was during these months that I was going through the final separation with my husband. I knew this was the end and I had already begun the healing process I’ve discussed in earlier posts. It’s amazing how in retrospect things look a lot shorter in time than they actually were.

It had probably been a year and a half from my first encounter with the coffee shop duo when one day they walked in and Tall Blonde had cut his hair! It had been past his shoulders and now it was just below his ears. This is significant in that it looked REALLY good and I wanted to tell him so, but I hadn’t developed any rapport with him and therefore kept my mouth shut…again! Also significant was the shift that occurred in my brain. No longer was I just causally noticing them as a pair but now I was checking one of them out and the intensity of my curious nature was heightened.

There have been many instances in my life when if I thought of something enough it  happened. I imagined several times that he would come over and talk to me one Monday. Or at least wave to me in acknowledgement since I know he saw me sitting at my laptop every week. But he didn’t do either. So when I saw him out of context one night at Walmart (of all places), I was caught off guard and waved to him. He was on the phone in the produce section and I was at the express check out. He waved back at me. Then I left…quickly.

I was sure he would talk to me the following Monday. I anticipated it all morning, but when the time came for me to head to the office there had still been no sign of Tall Blonde or Red. The same thing happened the next Monday. By the third Monday I was surprised when I actually saw them standing outside so Red could finish his cigarette. As they walked in I quickly looked down at my computer as if I hadn’t noticed them at all. I didn’t want to look desperate. In fact I was not interested in dating AT ALL. I was just curious and I wanted to appease that curiosity. Regardless, when he left without so much as a nod in my direction I felt let down, deflated, disappointed. I talked my self out of the momentary slump and went back to work.

Fifteen minutes later, right after I answered my phone for a work call, he walked back in with a copy of Independent Weekly under his arm as if he intended to sit and read a while. He didn’t stop at any of the open tables though. Instead he walked straight over to mine. I was of course still on the phone (awkward moment) but I motioned for him to sit and as politely as I could I ended the call I was on. I looked at him.

He asked, “Didn’t I see you in Walmart a couple of weeks ago?”

I replied, “Yes, that was me.”

And that is how the rest of the story begins.


One thought on “Mondays

  1. I really enjoy your writing, Dyana. Please tell Tall Blonde that Bill and I send our love! Also to the boys. And keep some for yourself. You’re amazing!

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