Tall, Pale and Coffee

Every time I sit down to write there is a story I want to tell. I keep putting it off though. I think my hesitancy is mostly due to my administrative tendencies which dictate the necessity for a chronological order of events. BUT this whole blog is about breaking out of my box, so….tonight I will write about HIM. (Yay! Woo Hoo! Hip Hip Horay! Woot Woot!) However, in the telling of this story I will be as chronological as possible. (Isn’t it great that the second part of that word is LOGICAL. I just love that <3). Which means I will start with the first time I noticed him.

I had just gotten a new job (which was an amazing fit for me) and thanks to my new schedule I had off on Fridays. That statement alone should tell you how awesome this job was. It was the summer of 2009. I was “happily” married at the time as it was during the period my husband and I were the closest. So naturally I decided to go to the local coffee shop and journal for a while since I had an entire day to myself (I mean, what else was a girl to do? Shop? Oh don’t worry, I made sure that was in the plans for later that day. Clean? Really? I don’t think so.) That’s what I was doing when HE walked in the coffee shop with his friend. I noticed him for two reasons. The first was his appearance. He was tall and thin. He also had REALLY long blond hair. His friend on the other hand was not as tall, was stockier and had short red hair. The contrast alone was enough for them to stand out to me. The second occurred after he and his friend ordered their drinks and sat down at a table close to mine.

I was intently paying attention to my writing when I overheard a part of their conversation. They were discussing a video they were working on. I didn’t know if it was for work or a personal project but it got my attention because I was learning quite a bit about the processes of video making for the use of  promotion at my new job. It was all so new to me and I was so eager to learn that I barely stopped myself from turning around and asking them all about their project. Something held me back though. Mostly my fear of what other’s thought of me I’m sure. Instead I just eavesdropped until they left.

That was it. That was the first time I saw the man that would later change my life in a way I never expected. If my life was a book that moment would have definitely been foreshadowing. But its not and it happened that way regardless. I love how life works.

Of course there’s more to the story of him and me, but for now he was just the guy at the coffee shop. Want to know more? Good, cause I plan on telling you. Just not tonight. (Wink)


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