Test, Tester, Testee

From what I can remember of being a young person the word “TEST” was as bad as any four letter word I got my mouth washed out with soap for saying as a child. It’s too closely associated with the horror of realizing you haven’t studied enough and the exhaustion of staying up until all hours of the night to make sure you pass, even if just barely. So it is with some trepidation that I say this BUT one of the most significant tools I found in discovering myself has been test taking. No, not the ones on Facebook that tell you your “real” age, or what your stripper name should be (although I will admit I’ve taken one or 10 of them.) I’m talking about the ones that, if answered genuinely, will produce helpful information about yourself. Information that you can use to understand why you reacted that way when that person said that thing to you.

There are many of these types of tests available, but I am going to highlight a couple that gave me a new perspective on who I was.

The fist one I remember taking that made me re-evaluate myself was a love language test I took while still married. It’s based on the 5 love languages discussed in this book: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service and Gifts. The premise of this test is to discover what love  language you speak. Everyone has one or two they mostly operate in and when a person (say a spouse) doesn’t “speak” that language one or both people in the relationship may feel unloved by the other person. Not surprisingly my love languages are Quality Time and and Words of Affirmation while his were Acts of Service and Physical Touch. One of the MANY reasons we did not work. That isn’t to say that you can’t make it work if you have different languages. It just means that you have to be aware of what the other person speaks and learn to communicate with them in a way they will understand. You can take the test here. Knowing what my languages are and that others don’t necessarily have the same ones has allowed me to be more forgiving towards people. It’s also enabled me to connect with others in their language.

The second one I’m highlighting was also taken while I was married. Its a personality test unlike others I’ve taken because it bases your personality on the qualities you like about yourself. It narrows it down to the top five and from there it identifies which “Country” you are from: Control, Peace, Perfect, Fun.  It uses those countries to explain “how you succeed at life, what motivates you most and how you’re different from the people close to you.” I absolutely love this one. It’s called the Flag Page. It does cost to take this test, but it gives you a 4-5 page printout with TONS of information. Before I took this test I would have sworn I was from Control Country because a certain individual kept telling me I was controlling. As it turned out I am from Peace Country, and I like to visit Fun Country whenever possible, which make perfect sense to me now. The reason I came off as being controlling is because my peace was being MESSED with!

The two I gave you tonight are good ones to start with. As I stated earlier there are a lot of personality tests out there. The key to getting the right results is to answer them with sincerity. I know I used to have a difficult time with over analyzing the tests I took. But once I learned to be honest with myself, and my answers, I was able to use the results to define my identity. It provided me with a sense of freedom to be the individual I am rather than try to fit in the box others had made for me.  I hope that you experience that freedom as well.

If you’ve taken either of these tests, or others like them, and they’ve helped you I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below.



2 thoughts on “Test, Tester, Testee

  1. So glad you’re writing this blog. Are you deliberately staying anonymous? I love your writing style. Great info. I remember the flag page.

    • Thank you MOM. 🙂

      At the start of all this, staying anonymous seemed like a good idea. But I think at this point most of whom read this do so because they are my friends and love me (there may be some pity involved too).

      So for those that want to know, my name is Dyana. There it’s out. I feel so vulnerable now. Ahh…

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